What Is The Best Family Dog

It is a fact that the finest and the best family dogs tend to have same kind of features.  One most important factor that is pivotal in opting for a family dog is the type of family that you possess. You need to find a dog that is adjusting and adaptable in the families which are busy and where there is quite a lot of noise. Your pet will come in contact with other dogs that it does not familiarize with. A dog which is shy and introvert might get accustomed to a family but there can be quite a problem of it getting familiar with the friends of the family and also the pets that they possess.

The best family dogs like to be taken care of on a daily basis and they also feel relaxed and comfortable with their environment.  When you choose a puppy you should go for the one that emanates calmness and also seem to be relaxed.  There is one remarkable test to find out if a puppy is of a relaxed and calm state of mind. Some puppies feel uneasy on doing this but some are calm after some time.

You need to find a dog that has immense tolerance for noise. This is good if you have kids of any age. In case your dog reacts to the noises which children make then your dog would not be able to settle down easily and will be quite uneasy. You may test this fact easily by dropping some keys or some of the utensils. Your ideal kind or the best family dog would be the one which does not pay heed to an event and also the one who will get back to find out what actually happened.  If your dog reacts more to this then it would not be considered an ideal dog for your family.

You will find that the best family dogs have sensitivity with respect to the sensation of touch. They are highly obedient, humble and have immense tolerance for hindrances.  You can also conduct a test for these characteristics in a dog. You can take hold of its paw and clutch the area between the toes and then exert pressure. If your dog starts barking wildly or even bites then it would not be an ideal dog for your family but if the dog is relaxed and it licks you then this reaction would be the most favorable one.

The finest and the ideally suited family dogs are not territorial. The ones that are territorial can be a nuisance for your family. We have a desire to have that dog which understands its position in the family.  Its welfare, care, food etc attained from the family.  An ideal family dog would be the one who adapts well in a family.