What are dog clickers?

A dog clicker is usually a tiny plastic gadget that makes a typical sound when it is pressed. There is not value or meaning associated with the dog clicker but it can controlled to represent access to nice things to your pet.

If you click the dog clicker once and then instantly giving your pet a treat with a tiny, tasty morsel, your pet can imbibe the connection that by click it implies a nice job and that they have got a reward. You will be training your pet in such a way so that they act in the same manner you desire. There is a fact that dogs enjoy the mental challenge of the clicker training game and they grow and develop to find that their conduct decides the rewards.

It is quite true that a clicker is considered to be very much effective than merely mentioning “nice dog” for two principal reasons. One reason is that the clicker has a very typical sort of a sound which is quite different from that of a human speech. So dogs learn fast that each and every sound of a click sound has a significant relevance for them. Dogs learn to phase out most of the human words because many words do not have any relevance for them.

Another reason is that the dog clicker is faster than the words that are spoken. In order to be effectual a reward needs to be delivered in the time span of one second of the action you desire to augment. In actual implementation it is quite cumbersome. One question arises in the mind that how come the dog becomes aware that which one got the treat. Was it actually jumping up or sitting or licking your face. The clicker tells accurately which manner it is that you adored and it actually fills in the time between the reward and the behavior.

It is a known fact that the trainers who specialize in training the Dolphins have made use of this training for several years. They use a whistle. They do not use a clicker. The Dolphin trainer whistles when the dolphin attempts to jump and this is to tell the dolphin that he liked its jump and to further say like “come and get a fish”. In the same way a dog clicker gives a hint to your dog that “I adored it and you have got a reward”.

The dog clicker training can be started right on the first day you bring your dog home. You can click and reward your pet for all the behaviors that include toileting, sitting, lying silently etc. You need not make use of the clicker for one solitary behavior but you can click and reward for almost all the manners you would like to have in your dog. You need to just observe, click and then reward your pet.

Hence a dog clicker is the most significant way to train your pet especially the puppies because they learn the training game fast but the clicker training can be useful for all types of ages of dogs.