Shih Tzu Price

Shih Tzu price

The Shih Tzu is a dog breed that originated in Tibet and was bred to hunt. It has the characteristics of a hunting dog: it is eager to please, playful, friendly, and alert. The coat of this toy-sized dog is long with a soft feel. Just like all other purebred dogs, these dogs are prone to certain problems. Among those problems are hip dysplasia and eye disorders such as cataracts or progressive retinal atrophy (PRA).
The price for an 8-week old pup from one of the more registered lines will start at around $1000-$1200 while non-registered puppies will be cheaper but may carry issues that could end up costing you more money later. These pups come with the same guarantee of healthy that all puppies and dogs get. Home-raised Shih Tzu will cost less than buying a pup from an American Kennel Club (AKC) member breeder. The suggested retail price is $1,500-$3,000. A pet quality dog can be purchased for as little as $100 to $300 depending on its age, lineage and physical condition. You should keep in mind not to mix lines and make sure you are well versed about your puppy’s family history before you decide to buy one.
These dogs don’t live very long; only 9 to 15 years which is quite short compared to breeds like Labrador Retrievers or Golden Retrievers who both live up to 10 years or more. The average cost of raising a Shih Tzu dog is $910 for its first year and $350-$575 for each subsequent year if an owner gets the pet from a breeder. If you get it as a rescue, it may not be altered which will add the cost of that operation to your total estimated expenses.
You’re going to need to feed your dog high-quality food. A healthy diet is necessary for the dog’s growth and development. Buy good-quality toys for your dog to play with. You’ll have to get them groomed every two months as well. Remember, they’re in the teddy bear size range so don’t forget about their coat!
Shih Tzus are not a cheap breed of dogs and there are many costs that go with owning one. There are health costs, food costs, and other miscellaneous costs. In addition to these, there are several optional expenses that many dog owners choose to deal with, including licensing fees and collars. Together all of these breed-specific expenses can add up quickly.
Healthcare for the Shih Tzu is expensive but necessary if you want your pet to live a long life. You’ll have regular vet visits as well as three or four shots each year to keep your pup healthy and happy. In addition to this cost, you may need medications for fleas, worms, or heartworm preventatives in order for your pet not to get sick. The medicines will likely be over twenty dollars per month which adds up particularly if you have more than one
If you are looking for a small-sized purebred dog to buy as a show dog, or just as a companion then this breed would be right up your alley. This little guy is very lovable, playful, and entertaining too! First-time owners should be aware of their responsibilities before they decide to get one of these dogs because it isn’t easy taking care of them unless you know what you’re doing! These are high-maintenance dogs that require a lot of time, affection, and attention.
If you are interested in getting a Shih Tzu as your next pet, be sure to do some research before deciding. These dogs require lots of attention and care but they have the potential to make great companions for many years if cared for properly. This breed is not recommended for first-time owners because it requires so much work and commitment!

Cavapoo puppies

A cavapoo is a crossbreed of two popular dog breeds. It is usually a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. Cavapoos make great family pets as they are extremely intelligent, and enjoy the attention.

How a Cavapoo is Different From Other Cavoodle Breeds

Unlike other Cavoodle breeds, the Cavapoo has a shorter coat which does not shed often if at all! They look very much like their parents with their clean face, straight ears, and curly tail (not to mention super cute!). Cavapoos also have a longer life span than Cavoodles making them one of the best dog breeds for families that want a long-term pet. All cavoodle dogs are hypoallergenic which makes them great for people with allergies. Cavapoo puppies are one of the best dog breeds to get if you suffer from an allergy. Cavapoos do have a tendency to shed, but not as much as other dogs.

Cavapoo puppies may not completely eliminate the shedding, but they will keep you cleaner than other Cavoodle pups! Cavapoos grow faster than Cavoodles which makes them a great dog breed to have if you are looking for a fast-growing dog. Cavapoos normally reach their full size at about 12 months old. Cavapoo owners should try to start training their pup at an early age. Cavapoo puppies can be more difficult to train because of their stubborn personalities due to the Poodle side of their parentage.

How Much Cavapoo Puppies Cost:

Cavapoo puppies cost anywhere from $200-$2000 depending on the breeder and how well you care for your puppy. Cavapoo puppies should never be purchased from a breeder who does not have proof of the parent dog’s health. Cavapoos can suffer from some genetic disorders like epilepsy and heart problems which makes Cavapoo pups even more important to get from a reputable source.

Cavapoo puppies are becoming more popular by the day, but due to their increased exposure, not all breeders care about the quality of Cavapoos they are selling. Cavoodle owners should do research on where they purchase their puppy before buying because there are many scam artists out there trying to make a quick buck off unsuspecting dog lovers!

Cavapoo puppies should also be purchased from a Cavoodle breeder who specializes in Cavapoos. Cavapoo pups may have slightly higher price tags but the extra amount of care and attention given to Cavapoo puppies is well worth it!

Build & Size Of Cavapoo Puppies:

Cavapoos vary greatly in size based on the Cavoodle side of their parentage. Make sure that you get Cavapoose puppies from a reputable breeder to ensure that your puppy grows into its ideal adult weight. Cavapoos normally grow to about 15-25 pounds when fully grown, depending on the side of their parentage.

Keeping Your Cavapoo Healthy:

Cavapoo puppies should be taken to a vet as soon as possible after you receive them. Cavapoos are extremely healthy dogs when they are treated well, but there is always a chance that Cavapoo pups can suffer from ailments like heart problems or skin allergies due to their parentage. Cavapoo puppies need to be fed quality dog food and given regular feedings of high-quality treats for Cavapoos because Cavapoos love their food!. Cavapooses can also eat human foods like never before! Cavalelepoo puppies need exercise even more than other dog breeds (if that is possible) because they have extremely high energy levels, especially around younger children!

About The Breed:

The Cavapoo is very intelligent making it one of the best breeds for families with young children. Cavapoos are also hypoallergenic, so Cavapoo puppies make great family pets for families that have sensitive allergies. Cavapoo dogs do not shed all the time like many other breeds making them one of the best dog breeds to own if you want a clean home! Cavapoo pups will keep your allergy symptoms at bay and let you enjoy this wonderful crossbreed! Cavapoos love attention, and they get along well with other pets including dogs, cats, and even farm animals!

Cavapoo puppies are becoming more common by the day because most Cavoodle owners have discovered how awesome these crossbreeds are. Cavoodle owners should be wary when shopping for Cavapoo puppies because there are many Cavoodle scams out there. Cavoodle owners should research the breeder before buying your Cavapoo puppy! Anyone who is selling Cavapoos without proof of parentage or a guarantee that they can be bred back to their grandparents should not be trusted with any Cavoodle pup!

Over 65 different Cavoodle breed variations can be found.  The Cavapoo is one of the most popular and easiest crosses to make! Cavapoos usually take around 1-2 years before they start showing signs of maturity at which point they will need their first grooming. Cavapoo puppies are ready for adoption after that time period in which they should be fully grown from any health problems such as patellar luxation (partial dislocation), seizures, or allergies.

Cavapoos live up to 15 years old! Cavapoo puppies are very friendly and patient with children. Cavapoos have a calm, regal demeanor that makes them great for being show dogs as well as family pets. Cavapoos are extremely intelligent which is part of the reason they make such great companions! Cavapoos come in different sizes but should weigh at least 30lbs when fully grown. Cavapoo puppies can reach heights up to 20 inches tall!

These adorable pups love spending time around people and other animals (as long as they get along). Cavapoo puppies make excellent watchdogs since they tend to be alert and cautious of strangers or changes within their surroundings. They do not like to be left alone for long periods of time without their family. Cavapoo puppies are the perfect balance between the Cavoodle’s hypoallergenic coat and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s gentle demeanor. Cavapoos make wonderful pets for families with children or other dogs.

Cavapoos can be found worldwide, but are more prominent in the United States and Canada.  This breed is a popular pick for those that have small children because of their calm, loving demeanor.  With the Cavapoo’s friendly personality it is easy to see why these breeds are one of the top choices for family pets.

4 Great Dog Boarding Services In Houston

At a dog boarding service, your pup will be able to play with other dogs and get the exercise they need

dog boarding Houston
Dog boarding in Houston

Boarding services are ideal for pups who have separation anxiety or any issues that might make them unhappy in their own home

Your pup will be cared for by professionals who understand how important it is to give each dog individualized attention

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that someone is always there keeping an eye on your pup

You can search for boarding services in Houston, Texas by making a quick phone call. Boarding services are ideal for pups who have separation anxiety or any issues that might make them unhappy with being at home.

Pets will be cared for by professionals who understand how necessary it is to give each pup individualized attention. When you board your pup at a dog boarding service, you also know that there will always be someone checking on them.

Boarding service is ideal for when you’re out of town and won’t be able to stop by frequently to check in. There are many boarders in Houston, Texas that can give your pup a wonderful vacation while you’re away. With the suggestions below, you’ll have no problem selecting the right one for your pup.

#1 Country Club Pet Resort & Spa

If you’re searching for a dog boarding service near Sugar Land, look no further than Country Club Pet Resort & Spa.  They offer indoor and outdoor activities for dogs including swimming pools, play areas, agility equipment, and more.  

Environmental enrichments are also used such as daily walks with canine staff members who love giving attention.  Each dog is given fresh water and treats each day.

Houston Doggie Diva says this is a great place to board dogs due to the many fun things that are done for them.

Doggie Day Camp – $60 per day with discounts on multiple days and monthly rates available Bark Park Dog Boarding – $40 per night Rural Boarding – $25 per dog/per night Jumbo Boarding Kennels – $45 per night Doggie Day Camp – $60 per day with discounts on multiple days and monthly rates available Bark Park Dog Boarding – $40 per night Rural Boarding – $25 per dog/per night Jumbo Boarding Kennels – $45 per night

#2 A La Petite Chien

A La Petite Chien is another boarding service located near Sugar Land that you can use if you live in the area.  This location is a great choice for those who need to board their dogs frequently or are looking for a place that’s always open.  

Your pup will be able to play and interact with other friendly animals no matter what time of day it is since there are staff members on duty all the time. There’s even an indoor tunnel made out of barrels so your pup can easily play with others without running into any dangerous situations. Pups who like to swim will have a great time at this location since they offer swimming pools for pets.  

You can read more about their boarding services by visiting the company’s website.

#3 Sugar Land Pet Resort

Sugar Land Pet Resort is another option you have if you’re searching for a dog boarding service near Sugar Land.  There are many positive reviews from happy customers on the facility’s Facebook page as well as TripAdvisor. Here, your pup will be able to play with other dogs all day long and get plenty of exercise during indoor and outdoor play sessions.

There are also daily walks given to each dog so they’ll have less energy while indoors. This is because owners know how destructive an over-stimulated pup can be.

Emily A. who rated this location with 3 stars on TripAdvisor wrote, “The staff was very friendly and accommodating to our needs. They helped us by working with us as we had a late check out since our flight was later in the day.”

Some of the other services included at this facility are:

Grooming – $39 per dog Basic training classes – $70 for 8 classes Boarding – from $25/day depending on the size of your pet Care packages for special occasions available Tips about how you can help control allergies in your home while your pup is there Dog walking – free with boarding service.

 #4 Holtz Pet Resort

Holtz Pet Resort is a great choice if you’re looking for dog boarding in Sugar Land or the surrounding area.  It’s also located near Stafford, Missouri City, and Houston. This pet resort features “Big Brown” the German Shepherd who serves as a game master for all of the other dogs at this facility. While your pup is here, they’ll be able to play with Big Brown and benefit from his leadership skills.

Are you ready for some indoor fun?

Here are some of the services offered by Holtz Pet Resort that will help keep your pup busy while you’re away: Boarding Kennel – $23/night (plus tax) Day Care – $21/day Doggie Spa Package – includes bath, nail trimming, and ear cleaning.

So many fun things to do. We will update this as we gather more info on dog boarding in Sugar Land once again. In the meantime, if you would like us to add some other important services or facilities please leave a comment below or send us an email. If you have any suggestions for improving this list of Dog Boarding Near Sugar Land we welcome those too. We love hearing from our visitors so don’t be shy about sharing information with us!

There are very few dog boarding facilities in the Sugar Land area and we have no doubt that this list will soon be outdated. We plan on updating it every 6 months so keep checking back to find out about any new additions or revisions. We want to help all of our readers who live near Sugar Land so if you know of any good dog boarding locations please let us know about them by emailing us.

Have you used a dog boarding service in Sugar Land? We would love to hear about your experience so please leave a comment below or send us an email. Thanks for reading!

Dog Boarding

Dog boarding is the practice of dog care where the owner leaves their dog with a person or company and picks them up after a predetermined amount of time.

Dog boarding offers convenience for those who do not want to worry about taking care of their pet when away from home, but also offers a socialization opportunity for the dogs. Some people will be particular about which facility they board their pet in because it can affect how well-adjusted the dog becomes on return.

Dog boarding is convenient for people who are not comfortable with the idea of caring for their dog because it allows them to leave their pet in the care of a professional. Dog boarding also has the added benefit for dogs of being able to socialize with other dogs. Some people will be particular about which facility they board their pet in because it can affect how well-adjusted the dog becomes on return.

Some people prefer to board their dogs at a facility that offers dog daycare, meaning they can interact with other dogs all day. Other people may be more interested in boarding their pet so it can spend some time with a veterinarian. Yet others might want to be more involved in the process and choose to board their pet at home while on vacation.

If you’re not sure if your dog’s insurance is covered by pet sitters, it’s best to call them before hiring them. Find out what their long-term boarding policies are.

While boarding your dog, check on it frequently for accidents and injuries.

It’s not hard to find a good pet sitter who can care for your pet while you’re away. As with any business transaction, however, there are a few things you should consider before signing a contract – especially when it comes to leaving your beloved dog in someone else’s hands.

Some questions you may ask include:

What specific services will be provided?

Are the rates set or is there an hourly charge for each visit?

Will the same person care for your dog every time or will different staff members rotate visits? Can they accommodate special requests like administering medication or providing extra socialization opportunities?

Exactly where does the pet sitter come into contact with your pet?

Does the sitter stay inside your home or will they always remain outdoors with your dog?

Are there separate play areas, play equipment, and eating utensils for dogs and cats?

If so, are they clean and sanitary?

What is the policy on overnight stays in case of emergency?

Is your dog’s insurance covered by pet sitters?

Or do you need an extra policy for that?

In conclusion, dog boarding has many benefits like convenience and socialization for dogs. It can also provide a safe environment that allows for peace of mind. There are still some considerations that need to be made before booking a pet sitter.

They should have specific services along with competitive rates, offer the same staff members, provide extra socialization opportunities, and more. In addition, you should find out if your insurance covers this service or not so you don’t have to buy an extra policy for it.

What is DogVacay?

DogVacay is an American company founded in 2008 by Aaron Hirschhorn and Oisin Hanrahan.

DogVacay is a service that provides pet sitting and dog boarding. The sitters are screened and the site generates customer feedback reviews. A Pet Boarding provider fills out a profile on the site and includes photos of their facility. Pets over 15lbs must be booked with a “Large Dog” service, while pets smaller than 15lbs can go under “Small Dog”.

Why should I use DogVacay?

If you’re looking for a place to board your dog, DogVacay is a great service. It provides the best of two worlds: on-demand and scheduled last-minute reservations that allow you to find a sitter at the time that’s best for your schedule. You have access to screeners that help you find local, qualified dog sitters in your area. And, on top of all that, it’s free to create an account!

What are the benefits of hiring a service such as DogVacay?

Dog-owners who need to travel but don’t want to put their dog in a kennel now have the option of booking a stay at an Airbnb-style home with an animal sitting service for their pup. DogVacay has recently created this new service called Dog Sitting that is available in Canada and the US. For those interested in the new service, you can take a look at their website for more information on how to sign up.

DogVacay is one of the most popular dogsitting services that was started in March 2013. The company has since expanded and now includes Dog Sitting as a service to their clients. With this new service, you can book out accommodations for your pet at another person’s home while you are on vacation. This is perfect for those who live in urban centers and don’t have enough room at home to use it anymore once they get their pet.

How does it work? You need to go onto the website or download the app and then look through all of the listings available near you. When you find someone with similar tastes as yourself, then you can pick them for your dog’s stay. It gives you peace of mind knowing that your dog will be safe and in good hands while you are away. They have many users that also have experience with pets and can entertain them for as long as you need if necessary.

The service has added a new feature called “Affordable Pricing.” This is to accommodate all those who may not be able to afford the traditional rates offered by other, similar services such as Rover or DogVacay. This makes it more affordable for everyone to use. If you are interested in learning more about Dog Sitting and how it works, please visit their website at

What are dog clickers?

A dog clicker is usually a tiny plastic gadget that makes a typical sound when it is pressed. There is not value or meaning associated with the dog clicker but it can controlled to represent access to nice things to your pet.

If you click the dog clicker once and then instantly giving your pet a treat with a tiny, tasty morsel, your pet can imbibe the connection that by click it implies a nice job and that they have got a reward. You will be training your pet in such a way so that they act in the same manner you desire. There is a fact that dogs enjoy the mental challenge of the clicker training game and they grow and develop to find that their conduct decides the rewards.

It is quite true that a clicker is considered to be very much effective than merely mentioning “nice dog” for two principal reasons. One reason is that the clicker has a very typical sort of a sound which is quite different from that of a human speech. So dogs learn fast that each and every sound of a click sound has a significant relevance for them. Dogs learn to phase out most of the human words because many words do not have any relevance for them.

Another reason is that the dog clicker is faster than the words that are spoken. In order to be effectual a reward needs to be delivered in the time span of one second of the action you desire to augment. In actual implementation it is quite cumbersome. One question arises in the mind that how come the dog becomes aware that which one got the treat. Was it actually jumping up or sitting or licking your face. The clicker tells accurately which manner it is that you adored and it actually fills in the time between the reward and the behavior.

It is a known fact that the trainers who specialize in training the Dolphins have made use of this training for several years. They use a whistle. They do not use a clicker. The Dolphin trainer whistles when the dolphin attempts to jump and this is to tell the dolphin that he liked its jump and to further say like “come and get a fish”. In the same way a dog clicker gives a hint to your dog that “I adored it and you have got a reward”.

The dog clicker training can be started right on the first day you bring your dog home. You can click and reward your pet for all the behaviors that include toileting, sitting, lying silently etc. You need not make use of the clicker for one solitary behavior but you can click and reward for almost all the manners you would like to have in your dog. You need to just observe, click and then reward your pet.

Hence a dog clicker is the most significant way to train your pet especially the puppies because they learn the training game fast but the clicker training can be useful for all types of ages of dogs.

What Is The Best Family Dog

It is a fact that the finest and the best family dogs tend to have same kind of features.  One most important factor that is pivotal in opting for a family dog is the type of family that you possess. You need to find a dog that is adjusting and adaptable in the families which are busy and where there is quite a lot of noise. Your pet will come in contact with other dogs that it does not familiarize with. A dog which is shy and introvert might get accustomed to a family but there can be quite a problem of it getting familiar with the friends of the family and also the pets that they possess.

The best family dogs like to be taken care of on a daily basis and they also feel relaxed and comfortable with their environment.  When you choose a puppy you should go for the one that emanates calmness and also seem to be relaxed.  There is one remarkable test to find out if a puppy is of a relaxed and calm state of mind. Some puppies feel uneasy on doing this but some are calm after some time.

You need to find a dog that has immense tolerance for noise. This is good if you have kids of any age. In case your dog reacts to the noises which children make then your dog would not be able to settle down easily and will be quite uneasy. You may test this fact easily by dropping some keys or some of the utensils. Your ideal kind or the best family dog would be the one which does not pay heed to an event and also the one who will get back to find out what actually happened.  If your dog reacts more to this then it would not be considered an ideal dog for your family.

You will find that the best family dogs have sensitivity with respect to the sensation of touch. They are highly obedient, humble and have immense tolerance for hindrances.  You can also conduct a test for these characteristics in a dog. You can take hold of its paw and clutch the area between the toes and then exert pressure. If your dog starts barking wildly or even bites then it would not be an ideal dog for your family but if the dog is relaxed and it licks you then this reaction would be the most favorable one.

The finest and the ideally suited family dogs are not territorial. The ones that are territorial can be a nuisance for your family. We have a desire to have that dog which understands its position in the family.  Its welfare, care, food etc attained from the family.  An ideal family dog would be the one who adapts well in a family.

How To Use Dog Clickers To Train Your Dog

When you train your dog with the aid of a clicker this is known as an operative method of conditioning wherein you can use a clicker or some sort of noisemaker which is mechanical in nature. This is to explain to your dog what exactly you want from him.

Clicker training is referred to as the method by which you give rewards and you make use of positive augmentation. Dog clickers are usually utilized in the initial stages of training a new behavior in a dog and it assists your dog to learn fast what you desire him to do. If we go back in the history, Clicker training was brought into practice in the World War 2 by two individuals, Breland and Bailey. These two observed and studied the behavior of the dogs.

Initially wild pigeons were used as a part of clicker training for an army project. This training took quite a considerable time because the older methods of reward and appreciation did not train the animal fast. Since that time the Clicker training has been experimented on one hundred and forty kinds of animals like dolphins, whales, bears, lions, dog, cats etc. The Clicker training is a distinctive method to pass on information to your pet. It is quite easy to grasp as compared to a training that is based on commands.

The finest thing about Clicker training is that any type of animal of any age is trainable. It is a well known fact that older dogs grasp new tricks easily. In the first steps of Clicker it is essential that your pet know how to associate the sound of the clicker with that of achieving a reward. You can start off with the clicker training of your dog in a place that is calm and serene. The time when your dog glances at you then it is the time to give him a nice treat. This thing can be repeated many times like 10 to 15 times till the time your dog has a fair amount of hints that a click actually signifies a treat.

In the later stage when your dog acts in a right manner without you telling him, you can provide him a treat. These acts can be lying down, sitting down, going to the toilet or going to their dog bed. All these denote behaviors. It is important to click at the time when your dog does some action. This is an essential part of Clicker training. You can help bring in a word or signal as a probable command when you are contented that your dog understands what you want out of him.

When you are in a training session and practice the sit command then you can click and reward your dog with a treat when your dog obeys to sit down. You can begin by saying ‘sit’ while you provide the reward to your dog in the form of a tidbit. You need to keep in mind that you have to utilize the treats till your dog has completely grasped the act to sit down on command. There are several dogs that have quick response to food treats. You may also utilize a game, toy or some sort of praise for its training. This Clicker dog training methodology is one thing that you would always enjoy and love to do.

Even when you are planning of teaching advanced tricks to your pet then you can choose the Clicker method of training your dog. You are required to have your dog grasp various behaviors when you make use of Clicker training. In one of the videos it is taught how to make use of a clicker to train a puppy to go to bed. The dog trainer gave the puppy full liberty to wander around the room and sniff at a thing that excites him. When the puppy approached the mat he heard the clicking noise and was then given a treat. So every time the puppy approached the mat it heard the clicking noise and was rewarded with a treat.